RX100 questions before I make the leap...

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Re: RX100 questions before I make the leap...

(1) - No and yes, disabled in RAW
(2) - No - but with RAW you get to choose whatever effect you want in PP

(3) - Haven't checked exactly (anyone else?), but there is an enhanced B/W which is v contrasty

(4) Quiet as a mouse as long as you turn off the digitised sound. Yes, like a compact camera, only quieter.

Hoep that helps as a starter for your answers...

scotbot wrote:

Thanks in advance...

1) Can the HDR and handheld twilight modes be selected when quality is set to RAW, the camera temporarily switching to Jpeg to capture them? Or are these modes disabled as on my NEX-5N?

2) Can the black and white mode be used when quality is set to RAW? (On my Lumix it shows a B&W on the screen but captures a normal RAW, I think on my NEX it's disabled).

3) Can the B&W be combined with handheld twilight, and can it be combined with HDR?

4) Is the shutter silent, or at least as quiet as a compact camera?

Again, thanks for answering my questions.

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