Ink cloging, all printers?

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Re: nope

Your post stirred a forgotten memory. I once did have a Canon that cloged: it was a small i70 that I used for travel. I bought some popular 3rd party ink carts and it clogged right away. Finally, I had to buy a new print head. That was the only occasion I have ever used non OEM ink. In the meantime, I have discarded the following Epson printers because of repeated and finally unfixable cloggs, all with OEM ink: a 1180, a 1280, two R800s, and an R1800.

My Epson 7900 sits right beside my Canon iPF6300, and I use OEM inks in both. So, neither ink nor environmental conditions are not a factor in my comparison. In two years, I've never had even a hint of a clog with the Canon, nor with the iPF 6200 I had for two or three years before that. The same is true for my Canon Pro 9500, and it sits across the room from my Epson 3880. Sometimes these Canon printers have sat for six months without use, and I've never seen a clog.

OTOH, the Epsons cannot go more than a few days unused without one color or another dropping out. I have to clean them constantly. I like the Epsons for various reasons -- tht's why I have them -- but cogs are part of the trade-off for some of Epson's advantages.

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