Why couldn't I get the clouds, shadows and details in the first picture?

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Re: Why couldn't I get the clouds, shadows and details in the first picture?

mosswings wrote:

barhoom95 wrote:

Ello,,,,,, !

I took two pictures this morning, and I wonder why the first one didn't show the sun shadows, the clouds or neither the details. However, when I changed the setting to Aperture Priority, it DID capture all the details....?

Given that i'm still learning, and we're all still learning, any idea why that happened?

many thanks!

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I'm surprised you didn't burn out your eyes with the first shot. That's directly into the sun. Was your first shot in shutter priority or manual mode? The camera claims 1/13 second, ISO 640, f45. Basically, that the lens ran out of aperture range in trying to handle the extreme brightness of the rising sun. In the second, the camera could get a better exposure because in Aperture priority the camera controls shutter speed and shutter speed has a much wider range of adjustment. Also, ISO was over a stop lower, and the sun was partially shaded by the hills.

This sort of picture is extremely difficult to take properly, regardless of the camera you have. The Sun is brighter than anything else in the sky, and one has to either: 1) select exposure for its brightness and let less bright things in the scene fall into shadow; or 2) use a very strong Neutral Gradient filter over the lens to reduce the brightness of the Sun if other scene details are to be captured.

Also realize that shooting directly into the sun introduces lens flare and sever contrast reduction that diminishes the detail and clarity of the scene.

A shot like this should be taken with a fairly small aperture (f8-f16), low ISO. Aperture priority allows you to control depth of field precisely and is generally your best automated setting for landscapes. And please please be aware of the eye damage you may expose yourself to if you attempt direct exposures of the sun.

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I can can the can but the can can't can me!


Thank you so much for the invaluable info you provided, i'll def. take care in the future, however, i would like to note that the sun was hidden behind intense clouds and therefore it was easier to look at it than you think.. i will take care..

for the lens filter, i think thats absolutely right, i forgot to use the lens filter and it is kinda funny that I thought I could get a nice picture with the first setting I used, i'm surprised how the next picture looked OK...!

So just to know, what exact setting should I have used for this kind of picture? I know you mentioned f8-f16 what about the mode? exposure? and the option where I chose from standard, landscape, to Monochrome...?

Thanks again..

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