Anyone with cheap fisheye images?

Started Jul 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
_sem_ Veteran Member • Posts: 4,996
Re: Anyone with cheap fisheye images?

I've tried one such 0.5x converter on a kit lens (vignetted a bit @18mm) and a 20mm prime. It did get the expected viewing angle. It was quite soft in the corners. It produced loads of CA. Generally, CA is easy to fix, LR4 has auto removal. But this was so wide and non-uniform that it didn't work. Some other sw (LR4 no longer) has manual CA correction sliders, but they may not be long enough

If you want an add-on fisheye adapter for fun, get one for your cameraphone. The Samyang 8mm is optically quite well regarded. AF is indeed not the most important thing with a fisheye; some folks have them taped to hyperfocal distance.

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