ZS15, FZ150, or FZ200

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Re: Why I'm a ZS19 Guy.

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Thanks for asking; let me explain my position:

The FZ 150 may have an IQ edge, not sure, but certainly not enough to make me give up pocketability.

If I imagined that I just HAD to have ultimate IQ, I'd get an 8x10 (or larger) film view camera, but, "been there, done that" - not for me.

That being said - my requirements may well differ from others: I insist on having a camera with me at all times . Most of my photography when not on a trip is the recording of the passing scene, bird & flower IDs, "taking notes", finding lost dog toys under the furniture, and the like.

I virtually never just go out to find something pretty &/or artistic to shoot, as I assume many do, considering the great shots one sees here: if I get an "artistic" shot, I just happened to see it, I didn't go looking for it, so carrying a camera around my neck just doesn't "do it" for me.

I usually don't frequent these forums - never looked into Panasonic up til now - but I checked in to see what the reactions are to the new FZ200. I must say that Erik's words chime with my feelings. I'm happy to see another camera user who places compactness high in their priorities, and is willing to sacrifice something in IQ in favor of the convenience of a smaller take-everywhere-camera. I, too, don't go looking for the shot, but appreciate the ability to record a memorable image when it appears.

These small-sensor cameras can give pleasing results, and are improving a bit every few years.

I need a superzoom and was deliberating between a compact one and a bridge-type model - Erik's confident point of view has helped me with deciding for the compact.

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