What should Sonys reaction to the new Canon have to be?

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OK here goes !

More accurate AF rather than faster.

Current sze is OK , maybe even slightly larger which would make lenses seem more in proportion. Weight is more important than overall size but the use of plastics introduce some problems of their own.

Higher quality lenses which can be optimised by sophitsicated software correction providing the parameters can be available to RAW users. Sony need to work closely with software producers to achieve this

Better EVF performance especially in low light.

Much better UI which is organised more logically. An Organogram screen which indicates the layout of customised buttons together with several specific memory recall settings.

One pet request of mine :- focus stacking even if this is restricted to tripod use only .This would be useful for increasing DOF for insect & flower shots for example.

Also in-camera stitching of multiple shots ie a poor mans version on Gigapan stitched panos. This would be an extension of the current Pano facilities. It would have to be restricted to perhaps a maximum of 9 shots making up a 3 x 3 grid.

All these suggestions are feasible & I could go on but don't want to seem too demanding

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Keith Ca

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