D800 - 24-70 at 70mm, iso 100. Not bad

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Re: looks great but

You said something stupid, I told you why it was stupid and then you claim that you know more about cameras (whatever that is supposed to mean) than everybody else here. If you started taking photos in the real world then you would quickly realise there is more to cameras IQ than the resolution at the centre of the frame. The fact that you can use the D800 as a very capable DX camera is a bonus for D800 users but it is not a reason to compare centre crops and declare the D3200 "almost" as good a camera. Why don't you test the corner sharpness of the 14-24mm f/2.8 at 14mm vs the DX equivalent.

FTH wrote:

Lol I certainly know much more about cameras than anyone here, but this is not the point here. IQ stated, there's (almost) no difference, but of course the D800 offers more options. If you stopped reading stuff on internet and started to do your own proper tests, you would understand it.

zsedcft wrote:

FTH wrote:

unless some people need weather sealing, high flash sync and better video implementation, the D3200 offers the exact same IQ for a lower price (DX lenses are way cheaper as well). I am building a lens data base with about 15 different lenses tested on tripod.

This is just not true. Firstly, the D3200 does not use a Sony sensor like the one in the D800 and has an even higher pixel density so there will be differences in dynamic range and noise (I am not saying which will be better, but I imagine it will be the D800 on both counts because Sony currently make the best sensors).

More importantly, the D800 is a full frame camera; it offers superior depth of field at the same aperture so you can take images that are not possible with DX. You also get 36MP images vs 24MP and it is from these images that you can crop a section if you need to. The D3200 is always in crop mode. There is also better autofocus (including an autofocus motor for old lenses) and a much more advanced metering system.

Thirdly, there are more differences than weather sealing! The D800 has 450 pages of English manual, I doubt the D3200's is that long. There are hundreds of setting so you can tailor it to your exact needs. If I want to use a small camera I have a panasonic GX1 with prime lenses, it offers better video autofocus and is much lighter than even the D3200 but still maintains most of the image quality of APSC. If I want image quality, there is no better DSLR in the world that the D800/D800E.

I am sorry, but if you don't know there is a difference between the two cameras then I don't know how you are qualified to review camera gear.

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