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psrslot wrote:

Whats the best program to get for a non-professional. I been shooting photo's for years. 35mm I always used a lab. Then I got into the Point and Shot Digitals. I only played with software to touch up photos with. Now I got a lot of time to spend getting back into taking photos again. Not to make money, just for me. I current own a Nikon D5100 , 18-55mm, 55-300mm.
I have Corel PaintShop Pro x4 and Corel PaintShop Pro x5 beta.
I haven't jumped into the programs yet.

I look at this Forum daily and see most everything on Lightrrom, Paintshop and CSS. So what do you guys thing I should go with.

If you are a corel-ite you might give Aftershot Pro a ..... shot.

Advantages over lightroom:

  • Includes basic noise ninja, and one click fix Perfectly Clear plugin. ($250 to buy those in LR).

  • Layers so some things that are destructive in LR (such as the above plugins) are non-destructive in ASP.

  • Cheap (as low as $59 if you time it right).


  • Version 1.0 (for the brave)

  • No multimonitor support (Really? In this day and age?).

BTW LR is like driving a car with a manual transmission. There is no "quick fix", "I'm feeling lucky" or "auto repair" as you get in PSE/Picasa and so on. There is an auto tone and you can buy/find "presets" but for the most part you are on your own when tweaking your picts (great for a pro, but for someone wasting their spare time, maybe not so great).

There are a few folks here fed up with CS and using ASP. Perhaps they could chime in?

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