Which format ratio do you shoot to print?

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Full bleed or with border

when you say 16X20, I would assume you mean you've taken the file and ask a lab to print it , cause if you print it yourself then you will have already know to control what to print and what not.

That spoken, let's face it, Paper Stock size, and sensor aspect ratio is simply a mechanical limitation of the setup. It used to be a PITA in wet darkroom, but with todays digital setup. Its no more than proper cropping. If you want a 16X20 with the image fully printed onto it ( full bleed ) then you just have to hand in a file that cover it full bleed meaning you need to crop to that 4:5 ratio. Else if you want to print full frame instead ( meaning you want whatever on your capture to be printed no matter what's the size , aspect ratio ) then you just have to tell the lab to print fit in , and better still print with a proper border.

with a 4:3 capture on 16:20 My hunch would be to print to 12X16, that would give 4 inch for border on both horizontal and vertical, thus a 2 inch side margin each and every way. Printing wise its not the best of arrangement but good enough.

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