replicating Oly colors in LR... impossible?

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Re: replicating Oly colors in LR... impossible?

thank you. it looks like the calibration panel has additional color settings i did not know about. that will hopefully allow me to get the faces redder without warming up the rest of the scene!

in the future, how do i get a "calibrated profile"? ive tried googling, downloading color profiles, the DNG profile editor... the profiles from adobe's site do NOT show up in the dropdown menu like the site says it should, and the DNG profile editor is useless when i don't even know where those files are located.

and i do not particularly want to spend $100 on some kind of color "passport" cardboard square just to get correct colors. surely someone has made a correct color profile for the E-PL2 and uploaded it somewhere?

sorry, i'm quite new to digital development and color profiles and whatnot.

gollywop wrote:

Brian Caslis wrote:

I've used X-rite Colorchecker Passport to get a calibrated profile. I've also used Adobe DNG Profile to make a profile that is OK also, but neither can exactly match the Olympus JPEG color. Lightroom does have the same camera profile panel. Do you have a profile that matches the Olympus colors? I've never one that could.

Hi Brian. Well, I'm not sure if my profile matches the so-called Olympus colors because I don't shoot jpeg and so have never compared. All I know is that my custom profiles do a splendid job of producing quite accurate colors. Whether Olympus colors are accurate or not, I couldn't say.

My interest is in beginning with an image whose colors are appropriately close to the originals. I do this using custom camera profiles, shooting raw, and using a WhiBal card to set WB. If, during processing, I decide I would prefer differences, I do them according to taste. I don't have problems with skin tones -- although I've had someone who complained about her skin tone in one image even though it was spot-on to the original.

I keep hearing about the so-called Oly colors, but those jpegs are coming from the same raw files as go into LR or ACR or whatever, and, hence, in principle are able to be obtained with an appropriate profile. What that profile may be, I don't know, and, I guess there's a sense in which I don't care since I'm more than satisfied with what I've got.

Thanks for letting me know that LR has a similar Camera Calibration pane to ACR's. The OP should use this to get the color warp he wants with his existing images. He should try a calibrated profile for future shots.

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