DPR should have a DR studio test in addition to current one

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Re: How do you define "Dynamic Range" ?

Detail Man wrote:

spacenegroes wrote:

Detail Man wrote:
Seriously, how would the test be conducted ?

How about a standard test set up of a dummy bride and groom in a typical black suit and white lace dress combination?

Now, that would really "clarify" matters, wouldn't it ?

how is the current test conducted? let's start with that, and we'll go step by step modifying it for dynamic range, just you and me, okay buddy?

Well, why stop there in vagueness ? Let us (instead) fashion an immutable test for "Image Quality"

do you have asperger's? how are you unable to understand this concept? the current studio setup, with standardized settings across all cameras, produces images for people to look at and subjectively compare for themselves. the proposed studio setup would be the exact same thing in concept. the difference is, the current studio setup has a low-DR scene, which means one fewer difference between different cameras' images for people to compare. you can even just increase the DR in the current scene and use ONE scene and it would allow people to compare DR, res, noise, color rendition, etc., etc. in one set of images.

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