Ok now that all the cards are on the table.

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Ok now that all the cards are on the table.

Ok now that all the cards are on the table.

Canon has just revealed it mirror-less camera. The last of the major players to show their hands.

What are your thoughts on systems and movement to systems considering that 4/3 is in a coma at the moment. There are a few of us that have resisted the glint of new toys and not been stampede to change. We have stuck around waiting for something , that we want and not rushing to an alternative. I do know there are a lot of dual users here in any case.

Assuming there is no continuation of 4/3 what would most of us do ? Migrate to m4/3 or move to another system. I have a specialized need with long lenses etc, so I suppose I am a bit biased. Actually with the need for long lenses I often ask myself why am I shooting Olympus anyway.

My thoughts on this is, if no continuation of 4/3 with a camera of a decent size that I can hang my glass on I will use the current bodies up and migrate to another system. Which system ? Well keeping in mind mirror less will be the where it’s at for the lower end stuff for awhile.

The 2 big players have what I require. Their mirror less offering are mixed. Nikon put their money on the wrong sensor (My Thoughts ) . Canon have brought out a pretty mediocre camera (Which is expected) Then there is Pentax. As much as I would love to go the Pentax route Ieeeeesh I would want the ownership on the letterhead to be the same for awhile. Their lens offerings don’t enthrall me and it looks like a lot of 3 rd party lens makers are dropping the mount. ( Twice burnt trice shy) . Sony well if they stopped playing silly buggers and had a more consistent lens line up well maybe. Also if they improved their IBIS. ( Maybe they will used the Olympus 5 AXIS as a trade off against the new sensor)

So where would I go. Well maybe Nikon but it will be a last resort , we will have to wait for later in the year to see if we are

This is all premature. But the cards have now been dealt , and I was thinking about it. ( I do think sometimes, spell and use good grammar , NO but think sometimes maybe.)

Any one's thoughts ?

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