So, does the RX100 live up to all the hype?

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Re: Different hype

GaryJP wrote:

My reason for hanging out here is an interest in this camera, which I have no doubt
supersedes my Fuji X10 but which I do not think supersedes my G1X in IQ.

This. It definitely does not supersede a G1X in IQ nor does it even equal it.

The idea was to get as close as a small one can, for those who want to always have a small one with them.

What it does is put enough capability into a pocketable camera so that if you're walking around in your normal day and see a picture you must take, you can be more comfortable that it will be closer to what you can get with your G1X than any other compact camera today. I say that as a long-happy owner of a Canon S95.

But I want the other cameras I have for what they can do, when I feel like having them with me. Most of the 'hype' is about the fact that you can leave better cameras at home now without (or without as much) regret in your everyday life now should you happen on a great scene unexpectedly.

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