How do you want Fuji to respond to Pany FZ200?

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do they have to?

lets think on this. first off panny has made a new bridge camera announcement, some folks have early or preproduction cameras for their previews. when the reviews come in, only then will fuji and everyone else know whats good and bad about the camera.

right now what fuji and the photo-editing software makes really need to work on is raw support. it is my opinion that fuji doesnt need to "give away" a lot of technical data, it is my position that companies like made the reputation of that software by having good programmers to figure out the photo files and how to edit them, now they try to say the camera manufacturers are why they cant figure out how new technology out. i do realize that there has to be some cooperation, but to place all the blame on the manufacturer is diverting the attention.

but really most complaints are software or firmware related except a few items.

the hs line refine the lens and sensor
the xs1 same as above
the x10 is that software firmware issue and some folks say battery life.

the x100 same as above, no battery issue but people want a few more wide and amazing tele lens options.
the x pro1 more lenses and huge firmware and raw support.

hope i didnt leave anything out.

for me id like an xs1 type bridge with a 1 inch sensor, a much refined and higher quality lens, better accessories and external flash, as well a refined menu system and really good raw support. i do like the focal length to 600+mm.

now on to battery life. as much as i hate people harping about battery life, because you the buyer can look that up before you buy, or read it in the manual in the store. crying after the fact is lame.

but truth be told i would expect most bridge and travel cameras to have around a 400 shot battery life. now having said that, turning on things like live view, the screen on the back to use instead of evf will reduce battery life. i do use the evf but i am an old scholl person and cant stand using the rear screen. even on my dslr's i only use a 1 second post view to conserve battery life.

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