So, does the RX100 live up to all the hype?

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Re: Different hype

Gary, you're a good sport.

Re the noise reduction, I probably feel the way you do because the first thing I did was change the settings for Noise Reduction from 'Normal' to 'Low' and there's quite a difference there. I prefer being able to do my own NR as needed although I know others might not. If I knew I would just be giving a jpg to someone right then and there, I'd probalby choose 'normal' but I prefer best resolution w/o the camera deciding, so most of the time I'm for 'low'...

That they give the option is great. Last night I experimented a lot between normal and low NR and usually preferred 'low' (despite 'noise' from a very, very dark room and trying to see 'color' in it) -- however, I played around with its 'SuperiorAuto' to see what it does and it's amazing. I shot a color pic on the wall in an un-lit room with light from outside rooms to see how it would handle color, noise, and trying to 'see' light that way.

The sAuto apparently takes about 4 pics at HALF the ISO sensitivity it would choose if I use Program and Auto-ISO (wanting to know what the camera chooses in both cases) while also of course it lengthens the time the shutter is open and then it applies noise-reduction and added saturation to the final pic that is a combo of all of them (something that is like how it handles auto-hdr) and it comes up with a picture that does not look as if it were taken in a dark room. Its image-stabilization is the most effective I've experienced. The result was almost grainless (which means a lot of NR but 'intelligently' done. If you bring it to 100% you can see it is at the expense of ultimate sharpness but it still looks okay as far as definition. I would choose that only in impossible situations but it does a great job of getting what it's meant to do - best-looking image from a bad situation.

I saw a page where they were able to get ridiculously decent photos from ISO 6400 and wondered how, so this is one way.

The page of high-iso photos is at

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