So, does the RX100 live up to all the hype?

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Re: Different hype

GaryJP wrote:

Well the hype I am referring to is the hype that DID compare, and led to those > comparisons.

Actually, it's the compact camera that is, by far, the closest of the types you can carry with you in a pocket or small purse, to a larger camera and compares well with them enough to leave them at home, but I always carry two cameras with me on vacations for different types of needs.

It's intriguing when people get outraged by others saying it's a nice camera,
because that's not superlative enough for them.

It's actually not 'outrage' (though you often do seem outraged and preachy) but amazement at a strong wish to attempt to deflate others' enjoyment of features that you have no experience with yourself. But it's probably fun to hang out here and do that.

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