Positives about the Canon Mirrorless Offering

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Andrew Booth Contributing Member • Posts: 840
I'll be switching from a Panasonic GX1 to this...

I'm a long-time EOS shooter... I have a 5DII and had a 550D up until recently.

I wanted to downsize my second camera, so with no Canon mirrorless in sight I sold the 550D and picked up a GX-1 with 20mm f1.7 lens.

Now since my 550D basically had a previous version of this 18mpix APS-C sensor, I think I have a reasonable idea of what to expect.

  • The m43 camera is nice enough, but I'm really feeling the lack of DOF control, even with fast-ish lenses

  • The Panasonic sensor is a lot noisier than my old 550D sensor, and I expect the EOS-M to be better still

  • Canon aren't known for their dynamic range, but the Panasonic's DR is awful. In high contrast scenes I'm getting black shadows and blown highlights - and if I try to recover in Lightroom I just see posterisation. The Canon sensors are a lot better.

  • The leaked specs of the EOS-M are smaller in all dimensions than the GX-1, and it's lighter!

  • Having full compatibility with my L glass will be very nice (albeit via an adapter).

All I'm waiting on (apart from the announcement) is some indication that the prime lens is good.

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