Qimage original vs Qimage Ultimate print quality

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Vernon D Rainwater Forum Pro • Posts: 13,537
Re: Qimage original vs Qimage Ultimate print quality

LarryM. wrote:

This was discussed in depth about 5 months ago.

Go here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1003&thread=40548637&page=3

This should answer the original question.

Thanks for the link. I will now go and view posts in that thread.
My search did not find this link

Edited to add: That was the exact information I have been looking for but obviously I thought I had saved the contents of some of the posts but (some how) deleted the information. I also had some communications with Mike Chaney during that time but that may have been on the Qimage Forum.

Anyway, thanks for the link and I will (again) select the proper parts for my information data folder.

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