My D4 and D800e body purchases now on hold........

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Re: who cares

You are probably correct but why the need for such an offensive tone? The OP already has some credible gear, he has been put off from upgrading by all the other stupid posts here.

Who knows, he may have something positive to contriute next time. I am sure your negative response will have put him off doing so.

Just FYI, I am a pro phootgrapher with two D4s & one D800E. They have not been without their issues but I am confident these will be resolved.

I really do despair of this forum sometimes and wish we could be a little more collaborative and supportive.

If you do not like a post - move on, the poster will soon get the message. If you want to comment, fine, but please let us cut down on the agression.

Would you please just send this OP a friendly note to encourage him to post more positively in future?. I can see that you are London-based (as am I, so you cannot be all bad!) but you provide no other credentials. I do, and so do most other posters who comment with any authority.
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