Does AF problem depend on lenses?

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Re: Does AF problem depend on lenses?

Normally, (I'm referring to "old" science) wide angles will give you largest Depth of field, but smallest Depth of focus.
Depth of focus refers to the depth behind the lens.

In other words, the position of the lens in regards to the sensor, or focus array, is most critical with wide angle lenses.

Worst case that can lead to OOF due to incorrect camera assembly, is :

wide angle
full aperture
short distance

and you could add: sensor size, as DX sensors are even more demanding. The smaller the camera, the more precision built is important. No wonder we used to focus LF by racking the lens litterally whole inches back in the days...

Now, if those old rules still apply to modern retrofocus design, I don't know. But a lot of complaints in these threads relate to wide angle...You might see a trend.
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