Does Panasonic G and GH line lack x--factor ?

Started Jul 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Does Panasonic G and GH line lack x--factor ?

I like my old Panasonic FZ18 so much I have kept it. I liked my G2 a LOT and sometimes I wish I hadn't sold it. I now have the G3 and I like it just as much and more. They have both inspired me to take more pictures than ever. I like the Panasonic's menus and touch screens, and that I can customize them. And of course I like the IQ too.

So I may hang on to the G3 a while - it's a great camera for me. Depending on finances (low) and what may be coming in the future (who knows) it may be years before I decide to "upgrade"...

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