Does AF problem depend on lenses?

Started Jul 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Paul Liukas
Paul Liukas Regular Member • Posts: 359
Does AF problem depend on lenses?

I've been tuning AF on my d800 and testing left AF problem as discussed everywhere.

Made AF tuning identical as LV on all my prime lenses (will write later, how I made it identical, accidentally). Center, left and right focus points where tuned perfectly on:

50 1.8G
60 2.8ED
85 1.8G

but on 28 1.8G - center and right points perfectly tuned as seen on LV, BUT left is OOF.

Anybody knows? Can I assume my d800 has AF problem as 3 lenses have identical focus as LV and one lens has OOF on left point.

The distance to test object was approximately the same on all lenses.

Can it be d800 or 28 1.8G lens?

Thanks for your opinions.


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