Medium Format Techniques emphasized in D800, but not D7000

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Re: Medium Format Techniques emphasized in D800, but not D7000

TiltShift wrote:

If the sensor was the size of a dot "." and you rotated on any axis around the dot while taking an exposure the image would not be affected. Now replace that dot with a full frame sensor and rotate even slightly arround any point on the sensor which is what happens in part when we shake (there is a linear component and and a twist component) and the points on the sensor that are further from the point of rotation will be significantly shifted from ideal. Hence the larger the format the more susceptible the edges of the frame are to the effects of movement during exposure.

Not quite IMO.

Given the same field of view, the rotational blur would be the same regardless of sensor size (actually both rotational, and lateral). Like I posted earlier, the physical blur at the sensor may be larger for larger sensors, but so is the projected image (by the same amount). They cancel, leaving the same amount of blur registered in the image independent of format.

In addition, although it can occur, rotational blur is far less prominent than lateral blur (check your blurred images). If it wasn't, then VR lenses would be far less effective since they can only correct for lateral movement. There was talk of some being able to correct for rotation, but I'm not sure if this is true since it is very difficult to do (rotating the lens element does not rotate the image).

The smaller the pixel the more likely that pixel will register the movement.

Why? See my explanation here:

If you managed to move the camera 1pixel width in the horizontal direction during the exposure your 36mp sensor will be resolving like a 18mp sensor in the horizontal direction which for jpegs on your computer screen you would not notice.

Ok, but the question is how much loss would there be, given the same amount of blur, for a camera that has an 18MP sensor to begin with?

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