NEF + IPTC - issues

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Pedro Dias
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NEF + IPTC - issues

Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I tried posting the same thing on the general Nikon page, only to discover that it is not for general nikon questions, but instead a forum for nikon compact camera users, so I try again here.


I want my NEF's to carry their own IPTC metadata. I do not care much for XMP sidecar files, nor do I care for database driven metadata (i.e. ACDSEE). If my computer dies, and it does, from time to time, and I need to recover my NEF's from backup, I want them to include all the searchable text, captions, metadata etc.

To date, only ONE piece of software does this well: FotoStation (by FotoWare), however, this is a little out of my budget priced at over 800$

Lightroom, ACDSEE, ThumbsPlus ALL come with serious shortcomings. The most usual is that they do not write into NEF files. If they do, their keywording is horrible. Ideally, I would like a keyword tree that expands to my topic, so that I can have a controlled vocabulary applied to my image. Lightrom ALMOST does this, but, alas, it fails. When I want to tag an image of a Mercedes Benz S55, Why oh why does lightroom NOT apply all tags up to root?? (vehicles,cars,mercedes, mercedes-benz,mb, s55) Example in parenthesis includes hierarchy plus all aliases for any given keyword (Mercedes = Mercedes-Benz, MB). By the way, Lightroom does NOT write the IPTC back into the NEF

None of the free alternatives give me this, except for ExifTool, which has to be done in some obscure 1980's console.

I have IPTC data on images dating back to 1996. I doubt that lihtroom will be my software 10 years from now, however, I do believe that IPTC will still be available. XMP, in my view, is fine for extending IPTC's shortcomings, but only when embedded. Putting metadata into a sidecar file is in essence saying that you copy the NEF, you loose the metadata.

Capture NX2 must have won at least two oscars's for worst imaginable keyword function in any program that writes iptc

I would love to hear from any of you who use controlled vocabularies to keyword your images, and which software you use to do so with.

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