New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

Started Jul 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mike Gerstner Veteran Member • Posts: 4,208
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ron purdy wrote:

For example, download some full size jpegs from here:

Do you see any of that kind of banding there?

I would def swap bodies and try again.

After doing as Ron suggested (examine the DPReview test images, and comparing lifted shadows to the OP's supplied raw file) I would swap the bodies and give it another ago.

Seems like the OP has a legitimate beef, and would like te see the results after swaping bodies. Patience is a virture.........again!

fwiw, Im on the fence about staying/upgrading with canon (5D now) or switching to......what was that other companies name again?

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