What the Canon EOS-M means for m4/3

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Re: What the Canon EOS-M means for m4/3

A lot of non photography friends recognise Sony more than Canon. Sony kinda make slick looking hardware too. Canon a bit military medium but will do well in the corporate market. Nikon and Canon won't want to damage sales of their pro level SLRs. A bit like Porsche wouldn't want to damage their 911 sales by sticking the engine in a Cayman. Oly, Sony & Panasonic are outsiders and don't really have a pro base. That doesn't rule out Oly making a splash in the pro-market with a pro level OMD. How small is small enough with the camera being too small to hold steadily and comfortably? Trade off between ergonomics and size. 35mm non mirror probably eventually, I wouldn't hold my breath as Sony's lens line up ain't great. I like to think of the camera as an addon for the lens I want rather than the other way around...

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