Baffled RX100 has MR & NEX-7 not...

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Kiril Karaatanasov Senior Member • Posts: 2,048
Baffled RX100 has MR & NEX-7 not...

I am puzzled by Sony's approach to come a compact albeit a nice one has Memory Recall and the top of the line does not.....

I hope this means imminent firmware update.

If Sony can learn from what they do:

1. Fast AF on NEX-7 like RX100 will be welcome. RX100 looks like speed monster compared to NEX-7 struggling with 50f1.8 (24/1.8 is quite snappy)

2. MR please, pretty please. At least 3 slots

3. Fix the P mode dial directions - P mode should be able to resemble A or S per user preference. Check out A700

4. The function button thing on RX100 looks super simple. Can we have one? with 7 functions not 4

5. Make lower dial button programmable. I need only one way to set EV compensation.

6. Can we have EVF settings (with 3 customizable sets) - sharpness, contrast, B&W or color, exposure preview or not? These should be also included in MR of course.

7. Can EVF display be fixed to resemble the real shot dynamic range?

8, programmable top Auto ISO value and programmable minimum shutter speed complementing the lens focla length calculation that is in now (I do not want crippled Nikon rather better Sony).

9. By the way the pictures of the RX100 menu show it to look much more competent and clean in design then NEX-7's contrived design. Please fix this. It is a BUG a huge problem

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