replicating Oly colors in LR... impossible?

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replicating Oly colors in LR... impossible?

i shoot RAW, and i pretty much can't give up the vast amount of control i get shooting RAW. for the past few months i've been manually setting white balance on shots manually, often individually, but most shots im not super satisfied with.

today, i opened some RAW files with FSViewer, which seems to read the color data olympus embeds in the files. (or maybe olympus embeds a JPG in the RAW files?) either way, the colors are WAY better than anything i can get in LR. i can usually get inanimate objects to look good, but skin tones are either dead-looking, or if they're realistic and vibrant, then everything around them look too sallow or red.

is there a way to get LR to read the color data, or failing that, approximate the oly colors? if i have to, i'll use the oly software IF i can process the colors in that and process the highlight recovery/etc. in LR. i don't mind a slightly longer workflow for good colors.

here's an example of what i'm talking about. here's the JPG exported from FSV:

here's my attempt to match it based on most of the skintones:

but the guy's skin is too yellow--in real life (like the oly JPG) it was dark, but it was healthy looking. but if i try to push the tint slider towards purple, everybody's faces turn into tomatoes. but if i increase the temperature to get some reddish orange into his face via that slider, the entire scene turns way too yellow:

i tried messing with the HSL sliders, but no dice.

isn't there supposed to be a color profile for this kind of stuff? does oly not provide this information to adobe or anyone else? what kind of world do we live in where this is okay? how do professional photographers deal with this stuff? grrrrrrrrrrr

edit: E-PL2, LR 4.0. this particular shot i think was the 45mm.

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