Upcoming Fuji 10-24 w/ OIS

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Re: Upcoming Fuji 10-24 w/ OIS

spacenegroes wrote:

alright. looks like the 13mm that nikon only ever made 350 of in history is wider, but that's actually 13.3mm. and until this sigma lens came out in 2004, which i did not know about, it was the widest lens for FF, according to ken rockwell.

what other primes have there been at 13.5mm and wider?

icott wrote:

spacenegroes wrote:

how can you see "10-22mm" and think "fullframe"? there has never been even a prime lens wider than 14mm on fullframe i don't think. or maybe there was a 13.5mm once. certainly not zoom.

Sigma 12-24mm is a full frame lens plus there have been many primes wider than 14mm over the years.

Now I come to look at it the ones I was thinking of are circular fisheyes so not really full frame.



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