So, does the RX100 live up to all the hype?

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Re: I'm completely happy with mine.

Right, Tom - I've been playing with it for a couple of days, trying out many of the features and if anything, it's been underhyped

I have a Canon S95 that I've loved but there's just no comparison when it comes to the full image, which doesn't have any of the chromatic aberration I often see in bright outdoor pics, has tighter looking resolution, just a CLEAN image in the original, like a larger camera.

The built-in HDR gives you the normal pic and one that combines the best exposed portions of 3 pics, and anything you don't like in the final result is at least there now so that you can modify it a bit in post-processing.

The panoramic feature is unbelievably easy to use and usually seamless.

I tend to stay in Program mode so I can choose low ISO as it's very much needed for the Canon S95 which starts looking bad at ISO200. There's far more leeway with the RX100 before you start getting an annoying level of 'noise' ...

While I stay away from purely auto modes, I tried the 'SuperiorAuto' out to see what it does for a difficult lighting situation, for those who don't want to do their own settings, getting what it says is best-image, and I figured it must choose a lower ISO than it would normally.

In a dark room, focusing w/ no flash to be used, on a color photo on the wall, I let the RX100 choose the ISO in Program mode (this is virtually totally-auto though you still have some choices) and wound up with decent pics at iso1600, and I prefer 'low' NR instead of 'normal' because I want the detail first and can provide my own NR later.

With SuperiorAuto, it chose iso 800 instead of 1600 and applied noise reduction that, although of course some detail is lost, it's not noticeable easily becaause, while it chose 1/13th of a second for shutter speed its image stabilization is the best I've experienced, and it somehow did a lot of processing to make the most natural looking image out of all of them with smooth strong colors. This takes longer because it processes 4 images it machine-guns off.

But more than anything, it's the clean large original image that's different from any really good super-compact p&s in that it looks as if it comes from a larger camera.
So, for me, it's not hype we've been seeing.

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