Upcoming Fuji 10-24 w/ OIS

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Re: Upcoming Fuji 10-24 w/ OIS

alright. looks like the 13mm that nikon only ever made 350 of in history is wider, but that's actually 13.3mm. and until this sigma lens came out in 2004, which i did not know about, it was the widest lens for FF, according to ken rockwell.

what other primes have there been at 13.5mm and wider?

icott wrote:

spacenegroes wrote:

how can you see "10-22mm" and think "fullframe"? there has never been even a prime lens wider than 14mm on fullframe i don't think. or maybe there was a 13.5mm once. certainly not zoom.

Sigma 12-24mm is a full frame lens plus there have been many primes wider than 14mm over the years.


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