Positives about the Canon Mirrorless Offering

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Re: Positives about the Canon Mirrorless Offering

aman74 wrote:

The vast majority of posts indicate the people feel Canon entering the mirrorless market is going to be a worthless effort. People need to slow down and take a deep breath. This is pictures of one leaked entry level model. There may be even 2 at launch, but if not, there will of course be more to follow soon.

To look at the positive side it appears they got the fundamentals right:

-APS-C sensor

-Compatibility with EF and EF-S (hopefully)

-Possibility for FF?

-Small, bright, excellent focal length prime with introduction

Anyways, it's APS-C, from that point they can build any sort of competitive product you can imagine.

I'm disappointed that I didn't get wowed and compelled to be ready to put down a pre-order, but big deal, beyond that there's zero to freak out about.

1) It's not Nikon
2) See 1.

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