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re: context = mongrel blood line of NEX usage

given that NEX use enthusiastically supports very mixed, mongrel even,
heritage of almost any pedigree of all sorts of glass, I do find it pretty
peculiar that the emerging presence and technical details of the EOS-M in
general, and STM lenses in particular, might be decried as being "out
of context" to be discussed in a NEX forum !!

and attempted rubber-stamping them as such smacks a bit obsessive -
after all nobody is forcing anyone to participate if they're not interested :D,


robert1955 wrote:

Quite agree. One thing to add. If the specs of the ef-M are similar to Nex and third party lens makers are able to make lenses for it, it will be very easy for them to make a version for Nex as well. That's better than lenses that also have to work on m43.

jpr2 wrote:

aman74 wrote:

Except that it isn't.

If I use a Nex and have built up a rapport in the Sony forum and am watching what other manufacturers are doing and want to bounce off ideas with the people I know and who also know the gear I use, that's a completely different story. You don't even have to be a Nex user, but you could be comparing products or learning from that perspective, etc... If you think that's the same as dive bombing a forum with competing camera companies products then I'm speechless.

what was discussed so far within this thread (except the sub-topic
on forum policing, which indeed seems pretty much OFF-topic :))
has quite a direct bearing on NEX: either in not too distant a future,
or even directly on existing NEX cameras:

  • flange distance: shorter, equal or longer than 18mm?

  • would it be possible to use a new generation of STM lenses on E-mount bodies through an electronically coupled adapter (perhaps Conurus-Bis)?

  • is the new EM-mount compatible in principle with freshly introduced STMs which were released together with the new Canon T4i?

  • does EOS-M utilize on-sensor PDAF?

  • etc, etc, the list of questions is quite long actually :P, and most of them seem to touch NEX community quite a lot, even if only through implications :D,

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