Best RX100 feature: don't have to buy 10 "must buy" m4/3 lenses

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Re: Hey, a NEX owner! I am right though.

Just Having Fun wrote:

NorthwestF wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Just received my RX100. IQ is very, very good for a P&S, but build quality

A PM1 kit (with 40-150) would be a better choice for most,cost less, have a longer reach, and you would get better results. The RX100 would do better video, but only if you stick with kit lenses.

If you want a plastic camera that slips in a pocket with the best P&S IQ, go for the RX100.

Stop lying, troll. You are one of the worst troll on Sony forum.

Typical NEX owner repsonse. Name-calling, etc. LOL. Completely clueless that I have owned and recommended Alphas and SLTs for a long while.

I don't own NEX, and I agree with him 150% so it is not a typical nex owners response.

BTW how is your 350$ point and shoot blurr inducing lens

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