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Re: What's your opinion...

Take this with a grain of salt, but I just like the Canon look better than Nikon. In the past I have done some jobs with the D3, D3s and D3x and I have just never been able to get images that pleased me the way the Canon's I have worked with do. I am talking about 1DSII, 5D, 1DIIn, 1DsIII, 7D, 550D, 1DIV, and now 5DIII images. I also prefer the Canon lens system and in certain L lenses for which I find no match in other systems. I am talking about color, contrast, sharpness, and film like grain I can get with Adobe conversions. I always shoot raw and I usually prefer Adobe raw conversions since process 2010. Still, I still love the fact that Canon DPP is free and has great color and tonal quality and so I will use it for certain images.

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