Quesabesde FZ200 Preview with Photos/Videos

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Re: Did Quesabesde shot with an early FZ200 prototype?

Brue wrote:

morocho wrote:

I feel that's the only good shot I've seen. And maybe that's because they were there at the right weather at the right time of the day (or the year)

That may be so but it is still firmware .2

Don't forget that even with the "new?" sensor and new lens, the hardware and the software is evolved so it's v0.2 firmware is based on FZ-150's v3.4 which was based on...

For the rest of the pictures... I feel really bad I've dropped my FZ30. I can't find that this new camera... how much? 5 years later? has more or less the same performance.

My real point is I can't judge anything until I see the final production version. Imagine reading Road & Track and seeing an article on a preproduction version of the next Corvette (that has been announced but only tested as a prototype) and asking: "Is the wind noise the same as last years?". How do you know?

Same point. How would you feel if you have videos of the car performing, and it flips over because the Electronic Stability Program firmware is v0.2?

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