Old computer chip

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Old computer chip

It rained all day so I decided to image an old computer chip I had. I used several different types of microscope objectives and a Nikon EL 50 to take the shots. I used my Canon T1i with a Bellows extended to reach the standard 160mm. I used two IKEA LED lights shown through white plastic to illuminate the chip. All shots were stacked in Zerene Stacker.

The first shot is of the chip to show what it looked like. I have removed the paper cover over the glass window but did not remove the glass. It would prove to be a problem later.

This second shot was done with the reversed Nikon EL 50mm lens on the bellows but very close to the camera sensor. You can see the reflection of the light on the glass to the left.

Next I used a 2x microscope objective to take a closer shot of the chip. I could have used the Nikon EL 50 for this shot since both gave the same image when the bellows was extended to reach 160mm.

The next shot was done with a 4x microscope objective.

This shot was taken with a 10x microscope objective. You can see a number on the right side of the image.

This last shot was taken with a 25x microscope objective and like the others was set at 160mm on the bellows. The fact that the glass was still in place caused some CA and the image is not as clear as it should be.

I was looking for some art work that has been reported to be on some chips. I did not see any, just the number.

All microscope objectives did not cost more than $40. This gives you a view of what you can do if just starting out.


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