Viewing photos on a MBP

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Re: Viewing photos on a MBP

Andrew wrote:

1 - in the Finder, navigate to the pictures (for example, on a card formatted on an Olympus E-5), DCIM -> 100Olymp -> pictures here

Select command-4 to view in Cover Flow; resize the window for what you want.

To expand on this: there are four Finder viewing styles, accessible from the view buttons in the toolbar on top of every Finder window (or view the menu bar or via keyboard shortcuts):

  • list view

  • icon view

  • column view

  • coverflow

In icon view you can enlarge the size of the icons (in the case of image files, the images) via the slider on the bottom right. In column view you can view one image at a time which you can enlarge by making that last column wider. In coverflow view you can see on image in the center and part of others on the left and right, again you can enlarge it by making the section used for displaying larger.

An extension of the Finder is Quicklook, just select one or several images in the Finder and hit the spacebar. You can view images in a grid or one by one, and also as a auto-advancing slideshow. You can take Quicklook to fullscreen either via the fullscreen indicator in the top right, or directly by invoking it with alt-spacebar.

(An aside, a lot of functions offer additional variations when invoked together with the alt key.)

2 - use Preview. Navigate to the picture directory on the card, select the images you want to view, and control-click (or right-click), select Preview from the drop-down menu. The pictures will load up in Preview, with thumbnails on the left side, and you can select which one you want to view from them.

Unless you change it, the default on new OS X installations is that simply double-clicking an image file will open it in Preview (as it is the default application for image files).

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