Qimage original vs Qimage Ultimate print quality

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Re: Qimage original vs Qimage Ultimate print quality

Bobjoek wrote:

One other feature of Qimage Ultimate is the ability to print longer than the length limit of the printer driver. My Epson driver limits the print length to 37 inches. Using Qimage, I have been making prints much longer than the driver limit. This is a feature that is usually only available with an expensive RIP.


Bob, perhaps you are aware that this feature is not exclusive with only the Ultimate Version. I have the Studio version and it has the feature. I now have three different Models of Epson Printers and (for Example) the 2200 can be used to print beyond the Epson identified length limit but the Two Model R800 printers can not do this. I have not tried with the Epson 3880 but (as far as I know) Qimage is limited to the Epson defined length unless using some type of RIP or other aide to print with longer paper.

However, this Qimage feature is dependent on the printer having the feature in the Print Driver in order for any Qimage issue (that supports this feature) to be able to exceed the print paper length as published by Epson (in my case for printers).

The best I remember, the print driver needs to support Banner and/or Roll option for selection for Qimage to "do it's magic". Qimage gets it information from the print Driver and NOT from other support such as a RIP.

I have been using Qimage as my ONLY Photo Printing software for over 10 years and it is beyond excellent.

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