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Re: Going international?

Olymore wrote:

As they say in Glasgow, 'come over here an' say that '

BTW if you get weighed in the doctors or for anything official now they usually give your weight in kilogrammes though people above a certain age still use 'stones' in everyday speech.

In Australia the Metric Conversion Board (full of the usual impractical eggheads) tried to ban the sales of any measuring device other than metric. That failed (as it should) because so much stuff we use is aimed at the US market and is still set in feet. Plus more than half the houses are old and still need to be figured in feet and inches to sort out dimensions and the logic of them. Conversion was between 1970 and 1988 and was mostly succesful.

Like the print display stands that I build for camera clubs, they are based on 6 foot wide shade cloth (because the Chinese, who make everything now, only seem to consider USA as the market), but of course the local timber yards have all "gone metric" so sell only 1800mm lengths, thus I need to buy 2400mm lengths and waste a lot to get the approx 1830mm I need to match the shade cloth width.

There's a weird mixture of hard and soft metric conversions thoughout the whole retail market.

A side effect of the metric conversion is that I still measure anything I make in feet and inches and rarely measure in metric, the reason being that it is easier to remember a seemingly illogical thing like 3 feet 4 and 1/8 inches instead of 1091mm (or was that 1019mm?). Ditto my daughters, grew up with metric school learning but ask them "how large is 1 cm?" and they may offer anything from 1mm to 1m as the answer. The visualisation of measurement disappeared with metric it seems, the old feet & inches sizes stuck in the mind way better.

We do think metric for personal weight though and very few now think "stones" for weight.

Basically the conversion caused more lingering confusion than thought possible at the time. It will only work properly when the USA domestic market goes metric and then the Chinese will make all metric goods for them and the world.

Meanwhile we have been converted for a long time with lenses, we always think of them a mm focal lengths, I've never heard anyone quote inch focal lengths for many many years.

Regards..... Guy

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