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Definitely add a 50 f1.4, or 50 f1.8


You are packing about what I would usually take on such a trip. I can tell you that I always pack a 50 f1.8 because it takes up no space at all, and it's the PERFECT lens for inside musuems where you will surely want to get some photos but where flash is not desired (even if it were allowed). There is nothing in your kit better suited for inside museums, both in terms of speed and focal length. The 50mm is the perfect fit. I also have an old Sigma 20mm f1.8 that I also take for inside cathedrals when you will need something wide and also fast. I usually take a 2nd body, but many here will surely scoff at that. But I will add that had I not done that for Yosemite last fall, I would have been screwed. My 1D Mk2N shutter failed 4 days into our trip, but I had a 7d to use for the next couple weeks. I'd have been lost had I not brought a 2nd body.

I also never leave home without my 15mm fisheye, which is a great lens to have in many buildings and other wide venues. It's as small as the 50 f1.8, and allows you to be really creative.

You will always get a lot of answers from folks telling you that you are nuts for bringing more than 1 or 2 lenses. While that's great advice for some folks, it's bad advice for someone who really loves being able to be creative with compositions. If you are adventurous with your compositions, you will have your hands tied if you take only 1 or 2 lenses. Realize that you will have little use for the 70-200, but you will probably glad you have it in at least a few places. In Greece, I got some of my best images with the 100-400, and I didn't even plan to take it. My wife suggested I pack it as we were about to leave for the airport, and I took it as a sign, since she never advocates carrying anything extra. It really paid off.

Above all, have a great time and show some photos when you return.

Matt Swanson wrote:

Love all the different takes!

I'm leaning pretty heavily towards leaving the 70-200 home and renting the 24-105 for my standard walk-around lens and then possibly picking up the 50 1.4 for nights and interiors.

Really helpful, thanks for all taking the time to comment!

(PS, I have the Fuji X-100, which will be going with me on any street photo jaunts, but that's a given as it's so easy and light and beautiful...big fan of that cam)


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