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Re: That Mop Stays

boardsy wrote:

insight into that mop. There could be a phd thesis or book of essays in this - "Analysing the Mop: a socio-political and gender-based study of Asian-Pacific post-colonialism and political incorrectness."

Heck ya and you could collect data by traveling around differnet countries, leaning that mop against businesses. Measure the time it takes for people to take notice and/or remove it. Then determine correlation between that data and all sorts of other variables...

I wouldn't mind attempting to restore/mock it up for you within the frame in Photoshop, if you have any interest. It would be cheating, but could make the image perfect IMO.

Naw I think it's fine as is. It would bug me to alter it and draw too much attention to the sigh. After all, the subject is that mop!

I don't eat meat often, perhaps once a month? Sometimes I crave Burger King's plain small cheeseburgers and fall off my veggie wagon. I'm a sinner; forgive me.

Oh, I eat meat too; but real meat, not whatever abattoir runoff/floor sweepings they put in that stuff! Just getting ready to fry some fillet steak as it happens.

Ya I know and pink slime too...most meat is so disgusting. Sigh I give up.

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