D3s vs D800 storm braining

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Re: D3s vs D800 storm braining

retrogal60s wrote:

I do weddings, event photography, portraits commercially. I like to travel and do Landscapes for the pleasure of it. I have never succeeded in doing really good fast moving photography with my D200 and it would be nice to

Ok, if I understand you correctly, you do weddings, event photography, portraits for a living. This is your occupation and you're using a D200 as your primary camera. I love that camera but it's way behind the curve for the purpose you're using it for. I think you need to take care of business before play. You need to upgrade your tools every so often. The megapixels and dynamic range of the D800 is what you need as an upgrade for weddings, events and maybe portraits to some degree.

Just helping to get the whites and blacks right on the couples clothing is so much easier with the D800. It does a bride's gown so much better than previous cameras and with less fiddling around. I no longer have to really worry about purposely underexposing and bringing it back in post. The total workflow is significantly reduced, and I'm not a pro wedding photographer. I just fill in as a floater for my daughter every now and then. She's the pro wedding photographer of the family. Last night we did a rehearsal together. Upon completion, I gave her my SD card and went home. The wedding is tonight and I'm not doing it, but she called me as was so surprised as to the quality of my shots as far as dynamic range was. For the first time she's been willing to consider heavier cameras than her four D90s for wedding work. That's right, Four D90 Nikons, for her and her assistant for a successful full time wedding business.

I'm seeing it in everything I do too. In all white birds for starters as well as all black ones. I just don't have to worry about all that preplanning I used to. Last week I took a landscape shot just for fun. I knew I'd have to use a little HDR to get the contrast where I wanted, so I fired off five shots in A mode. When I got to processing, I was amazed in that I didn't need to use a composite unless I wanted to. With a little tweaking and a little massaging it came out just right. This D800 is going to revolutionize some aspects of photography. I'm just barely beginning to see all the changes for me. I'm going to have to change the way I pre-visualize my scenes now that my camera is so much better at capturing so much more of it.

No, if you do do weddings, event photography, portraits as your profession, you need to first upgrade that D200 then worry about expanding into sports photography and whatever. Besides the D800 will have everything pretty much laid out where you're used to it already with regards to buttons and dials. You don't need a huge learning curve right before your next job. This is wedding season, after all. My daughter is cranking out one to two per week right now non-stop. She might be in Denver this week and Miami the next week. It's too hectic to spend time changing too much.

If you need a little faster frame rates, you can shoot in DX mode with the grip and AA batteries. It won't be D3S fast but it will be fast enough for most.

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Cheers, Craig

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