Ink cloging, all printers?

Started Jul 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
paris1968 Contributing Member • Posts: 503
Re: Canons Don't Clog

I have a variety of Printers, including an Epson 3880, and a 7900. They both produce wonderful prints, but the they clog constantly. That's just one of the trade-offs you accept when you purchase an Epson printer. OTOH, I have a Canon iPF 6300, a Pro 9000, a Pro 9500, and a i9900. None of my Canon printers have ever clogged, including one not used for over three years.

In most cases, I prefer prints produced by the Epson machines, except that the iPF6300 and the 7900 are almost identical, with a very slight edge going to the Epson 7900. But if you ask are there high quality printers immune to clogging, at least in my eperience, the answer is yes, Canon printers do not clog.

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