Why is D90 betten then D300s at DxOMark Sensor test?

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Re: Of course case closed...

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Read the DP review here on the D90. May answer your question

Read the DP Review here on the D300. May answer your question

.There is price, but sometimes the best products demand a premium and the D300 is no exception. Nikon's biggest problem now will be bettering the D300; it raises the bar to a new high, and represents the state of the art despite strong competition from the likes of Canon, Sony and Olympus. There's simply no better semi-professional digital SLR on the market.


Case closed? From my own pic taking...case closed [own both D90,D300/D300s amd D3x.

...you answered to a 2.5 year old post... so of course the case is closed.

Does that make the D300 any less of a top tier camera? I think it (D300) could still pretty much hold it's own against similar cams. in this category tody don't you think. My shooting certainly bears that out. Cheers

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