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Re: Tedolph banned?

Actually, you ARE deathly boring. Your posts are amusing & entertaining only to yourself. You have apparently done your two-week ban. It was a pleasant stretch with a vastly improved signal-to-noise ratio.

I am sure you have learned your lesson though, and will show more be circumspect in your posting now, right?

tedolf wrote:

Nell27 wrote:

The Jacal wrote:

Photoperzon, please, please buy another M43s cam; I really miss your trolling and arrogance about being rich over on that forum.

You actually had a couple of good shots; one of your long suffering wife where the WB was correct and one of a toy helicopter that was in focus.

You'll be safe, Tedolph has been banned.

He has?

This is off topic but I had to laugh at your comment.

Haven't visited the Micro Four Thirds forum for awhile but always enjoyed reading the epic posts from Tedolph.

Me too.

How many times has he been banned?

Who can say?

He must hold the record.

He does.

A lot of people get upset with him, and I can understand why, but you have to admit he makes that forum interesting.

Some people prefer to be bored to death, especially if the alternative is to be challenged in any way.


The Banned

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