D3s vs D800 storm braining

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What is your need for these camera's?

Hi Retrogal60s,

I use both a D3S and a D800, I also own a D700 and D300.

First thing you should ask yourself, what/where do I need my camera for: do I need it for sports/photojournalism or for reportage? Do I need it for portraiture/landscape, product? Do I need to deliver a lot of MP to my clients and or very high quality video under all kinds of (nasty) circumstances?

If you're not a professional photographer (by that I mean make your income out of photography, and don't really need the points I mentioned above) skip the D3S and D800 and see to get a D700. It will give you all the resolution you need, the camera is much more aimed with the general photographer in mind and gives you 90% of what the D3S has you to offer and it will give you enough room to buy one or two very nice lenses and or accessory

My advice, check for a D700, excellent camera.

retrogal60s wrote:

I am really tempted to buy a D3s, used prices are at new D800 prices. Weighing pros and cons (just layman's analysis):

pro body
teething problems resolved (hopefully)
fast fps (not that I will use to earn my bread & butter but still nice to have)
Good rendition even at high ISO capture
Enough resolution for what I do
Can buy and of course use now (learning curve)
Reliable AF ?
DR ?
I know Dave Black makes gorgeous, gorgeous images with his D3s.

semi pro body ? (please try to resfrain from cyberstoning me ;-))

seems like a lot of teething problems to be yet resolved. (see my comments in brackets above)
fps prolly faster than me
flexibility between FX and DX (I have enough assortment of lenses)
14.4 stops Dynamic Range !!!!!!

Way to go despite big files to process (because I will need to upgrade my computing equipment sometime down the road too)

What to do, what to do ?

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