Qimage original vs Qimage Ultimate print quality

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Re: Qimage original vs Qimage Ultimate print quality

Q has been a great application, ahead of its time in many respects. But now its time is running out -- kinda like when the DC-3 airplane was replaced with the jets.

Good Luck!

With two 44" wide format printers here and working mainly as an art print shop I would never use Lightroom for its printing features. It simply does not have the right tools for that. I use ACR + Photoshop or DPP for my own Canon RAW processing, The rest is done with Qimage based on processed Tiffs or JPEGs. The interactive log for repeat jobs, templates etc, the nesting functions, the border functions, the cut marks, the proof print settings, the print filter function, the temporary image crops, the smart print sharpening that collects the right information from driver settings and image resolution automatically. I hardly ever touch the Qimage image editing tools but the crop function, they are not at PS level. Horses for courses and Qimage does the printing here.

Qimage Ultimate is still many miles ahead of Lightroom if the printing features are considered. For the price of Lightroom you can buy it and get updates for the next five years. And yes, I have an expensive RIP too that is not used because Qimage Ultimate does the jobs faster and better.

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