Keep my 20mm f1.7 with this gear...?

Started Jul 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP mr pina Regular Member • Posts: 170
Re: Keep my 20mm f1.7 with this gear...?

no, the 1.7 is also terrible for movie recording. I'm going to abandon my 20mm as primary lens for my 12mm due to the lack of good videorecording. The 12mm can do both well, that's why. But my second lens, video recording is not important. That's why I'm doubting whether I should keep the 20mm or the 25mm. Keeping both is imo useless considering I have the 12mm too.

I'm thinking that the lens combination of 12mm f2.0 with the 25mm f1.4 is a better gear for more purposes than the 12mm f2.0 with the 20mm f1.7. But I'm wondering whether I'm thinking right

markintosh13 wrote:

I'd keep the 12 and the 25.

Why do you think the 20mm is better for video? I've never thought of the 20mm 1.7 as a video lens.

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