Another question about Adobie software.

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Re: Another question about Adobie software.

As mentioned above just download the trial versions and try them.

LR4 is primarily a cataloguing, organiser and RAW developer. It has a full featured RAW developing module but it has no pixel level editing. It also has better tools for exporting your images and printing them. You use it to adjust the exposure, white balance and other lighting/colour settings on your images.

PSE has a cut down cataloguing system and a cut down RAW development module (it is missing several of the advanced features that are in LR4). However is has pixel level editing, which LR4 doesn't. You can catalogue your images and do basic RAW development. PSE's strength over LR is that it allows for pixel editing (cloning things out of images, retouching skin, improving eyes with dodge and burn and chopping up images to composite part of one image into another).

I have/am using both. I would suggest that you start with PSE and then move on to LR4 as your post processing abilities improve. Which one you need also depends on how good your photography is. When I first started my composition wasn't that good. As a result I would often look at photos after the fact and realise there was something in there that ruined the image and needed to be edited out. As my photography has improved (and I have no interest in creating composite images) I find that I use LR4 far more and hardly ever use PSE - however I do still keep it around for the occasional editing task.

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